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Computer Generated Music Composition

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With today's virtual instruments, audio editing programs...there's no limit...

But what's about Composing music, how to create new song/melody/theme...? Composing music with computers is almost norm? Pro Et Contra?

Today's "composing music" is - almost - manipulation by combining and mixing with already exiting loops and patterns.

But, what's about the melody, tune...???

It's not too simple, so, why shouldn't we accept the help of IT?

Probably, you'll be surprised by the amount of software that you will find: Apple Computer's GarageBand software, Classical Music Composer, Easy Music Composer, FlexiMusic Composer, Fractal Music Composer, Jump, Magix Music Maker, Virtual Music Composer,... Yes, all these programs compose new music. And really important notice:

they doesn't require any special knowledge or/and skills of composition. Just click a couple of buttons and listen to the music, new songs. And it belongs to you!...

All that, it sounds a little bit rough and not gentle, but let IT works for you. And to help you...

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I've been studying how Expert Systems mimic pro composers. I'd really like to see some music composition software which isn't only music sequencing software or music notation/graphing software.


I'd specifically like to see a program that will take a melody I input, perhaps only scanned in, that the computer then runs through all of the traditional music composition transformational devices without making me write them all out and test them on my instrument before I input them into the so called music composition software.


If and when it can instantly create, inversions, retrogrades, retrograde-inversions, permutations, augmentations, diminutions, diatonic transpositions, putting the original melodic series together with the rhythmic retrograde, or putting the melodic series' retrograde inversion with the original melodic rhythm or taking the melodic series from one tune and combining it with the melodic rhythm from another tune, automatically make a diatonic melody pentatonic or automatically change the mode, then and ONLY then will there be any real music composition software in the universe.

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