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Custom audio computer

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Just no time to work on music anymore - $900




* Windows XP/ Optimized for Audio

* Antec P180 Case and PSU

* 3 Stocks Fans w/ one additional added for processor

* EVGA Video Card

* Intel Core 2 (Extreme Series) Motherboard D975XBX2

* 3 Gigs of Ram (The highest recognized by XP)

* Sony CD/DVD Drive

* 2 Hard-drives 1 for apps. 250 gigs/ 1 for samples and recording 320 gigs

* M-Audio 2496 PCI Sound Card w/ breakout cable





* Ableton Live 8 Suite

* FX pansion Guru

* Novation Base Station

* Cubase LE4

* Izotope I-Drum

* FL Studio

* Kore Player w/ additional sound packs

* Intakt

* Plus other misc.



Sample Libraries:


* Entire Equipped Sample Collection: Premier Beats, Breakbeat Jazz, Loungin House, Smoker's Delight, Smoker's Relight, and Nu Jazz Funk.

* As well as multiple collections by Zero G, Loop master's, Motion Umbershall, and others.



NOTE: Ableton Live 8 Suite was a full legitimate purchase, and installed on this computer. You will have full unrestricted use of this software, but no right's to the license, and therefore not be able to upgrade it further in the future.

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