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For Sale or Trade (2) Two Ipod Touch's 3rd Gen 32gb Model #A1318

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I have both of these and have no use for em.. sometimes i get em through my store but i have an iphone and classics so while these are cool. just dont need em..


Both have been formated and are ready to sync. both have 4.0 software


I will take partial trades for pickups, or trade one or both for almost any low-mid or mid range guitar. i will also add cash if needed..


Condition of one of left - has slight surface scratches. hard to photograph. but typical for people who dont use protective screens. No scratches are visable when ipod is on.. back is scratched but that can be buffed out. besides its on the back.


conditon of one on right - almost flawless screen. has one tiny surface scratch and i couldnt get to show up..No scratches are visable when ipod is on.. back is about the same as the other. scratched but its the back. so doesnt matter as much..


Any questions let me know. throw me some offers... Really wanting to try a RC-50 Boss Looper for a friend. or RR5 or RR24 jackson. or basically any jacksons.. but open to anything.


Price outright is 250 each OR make offer shipped with paypal gift.













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