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FS/FT: Digidesign Complete Production Toolkit


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(license will be transferred via iLok.com. You'll need an iLok account)


The Digidesign Complete Toolkit unlocks the extra features of Pro Tools 8 or Pro Tools 9. In Pro Tools 9, it unlocks all the features of Pro Tools HD except for the HEAT plugin.


More info here: (Check out the FAQ. Complete Toolkit is the same as Complete Toolkit 2) (http://shop.avid.com/store/product.do?product=307036370322096)


I'll accept full / partial trades for (and add cash if necessary):

Ibanez SR506, SR1306, or SR5006 basses (Bubinga or Wenge necks)

Ibanez GVB1006 bass

Markbass Minimark combo

PJB Briefcase combo

PJB 4B bass cab

Unity Audio The Rock Monitors

Event 20/20 bas V2s

JBL 6328 Monitors

Mackie HRS120 Sub

RME Fireface UFX interface

Mojave MA200

Blue Kiwi

Blue Bottle Rocket with B6 Capsule

Red Type B with B6 capsule

A Designs Pacifica

A Designs Reddi

Avalon U5


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