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End of Season sale! Danley, QSC PL380, FBT, Whirlwind, Sennheiser, and more!

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We're wrapping up the end of our Summer season so it's time to turn over some inventory. Here's what we have (or will have soon) available:



Quantity Brand Model Condition Price

6 Danley SH46's Very good $2700 each (with padded covers)

8 Danley TH115's Excellent/like new $1550 each (with padded covers)

2 Danley DTS10 Kits Assembled/new $1250 each

5 QSC Audio PL380 Excellent/like new $1750 each

6 FBT HiMaxx40A's Very Good $950 each (with custom padded speaker bags)

2 FBT Verve8MA's Excellent $600 each (with custom padded speaker bags and adjustable speaker stand mounts)

6 FBT PSR212MA Good $1300 each (with custom padded speaker bags)

2 Sennheiser ew 500-945 G3 Excellent $800 each

2 Sennheiser SK 500 G3 bodypack w/HS2-ew headsets Excellent/Like new $575 each

1 Whirlwind 32x10 150' Medusa Elite snake Very Good $1000

1 Whirlwind 24x8 150' Medusa Elite snake w/25' Passive split Excellent $1200

4 Audix MC1290HC mics Very Good $275 each

2 Audix CX112 mics Very Good $275 each



Quantity Brand Model Condition Price

1 Innovate Show Controls Bluelight X1 Very Good $600

1 NSI MC6300 Controller Very Good $600

6 Daisy 60x3W RGBAW LED fixtures Very Good $500 each

2 Daisy 36x10W RGBW 4-in-1 LED fixtures Excellent $750 each

4 Daisy 60x1W RGBAW LED strip lights very good $500 each



Quantity package discounts may be available. Shipping not included. Please email or PM with any questions. Visa/MC accepted.


Thank you,



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