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Rack Gear, Digitech Vocal Processors, Mackie SR-24 Mixer

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For your consideration, a whole mess of live sound gear...All items are priced without shipping. Actual shipping will be assessed to each piece. All reasonable cash offers will be considered, as would trades for QUALITY dobros, mandolins, banjos, and all manner of guitar stuff. Especially interested in a dobro. All items are in good condition and working order.



Furman PL-8 power conditioner - $50

Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ-6200 31-band graphic EQ, minty - $100

Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124P, nearly new - $50

ART MDC 2001 Stereo Master Dynamics Controller - $100

Behringer Composer Compressor/Limiter - $50

Peavey AddVerb Digital Effects Processor - $50

DeltaLab Effectron II Effects Processor (vintage-ish) - $250...there's one for $350 on eBay as we speak.


Vocal Processors:

Digitech Vocalist Workstation EX - $110

Digitech Vocal 300 Effects Processor - $75



Mackie SR24*4 24-channel 4 bus mixer w/ homebrewed case - $350


I'll get some photos as soon as I get this stuff de-racked and whatnot. I'll cut you a very nice deal if you buy the rack whole. :thu:


I haven't tested out the mixer yet, which I would do before finalizing any deal. I don't wanna stick anyone with non-working gear. P.S. I AM NOT A SOUND GUY, but I'll get your questions answered as best I know how. Thanks, folks!

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