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Looking for guitar synth suggestions


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Hey all, I'm a guitar player who's dabbled in synths now and again since the 80s. I recently bought a Roland GR-33 guitar synth to mess around with, and I'm pretty happy with it. It tracks better than I would've expected and has some great sounds.


What I'm missing is some great analog lead sounds. The GR-33 is limited to the analog samples it has on board. I'd love to have a tweakable analog synth that I could control with the GR-33. I'm hoping someone could suggest some synths to check out.


What I'm looking for:

- Analog synth or a fairly analog-sounding digital synth

- Lots of knobs would be nice, but I could live with a digital interface

- MIDI controlled

- At least 2 oscillators, monophonic is okay

- Hard sync and pitch envelope

- Nice resonant filter

- Fast percussive attack, big sound

- Small size (preferably) (a module would be fine, too)

- Cheap (preferably)


Is there anything out there that will do all this for me?

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Roland MKS70 and Matrix 6/6R . Both arguably analog and fat. 2 osc. Pitch envelopes. Hard sync and Soft sync. can be smooth. can do nice leads.


and most important. both have MIDI mono mode for tracking all six string signals from your converter. bingo.



for 70s guit synth sound, check the ARP AVATAR. very slow tracking. monophonic. fulll "odyssey" style ARP synth inside.but extremely rare, and the sound is... well, fantastic. warm and fat, fantastic for leads. Used by Genesis among others.


there's one on E-bay here

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