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behringer, motu, rocktron, and more


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Hi everyone, i'm kind of doing some fall cleaning and found some gear I almost forgot about.


An original Rocktron Chameleon, a multi-fx preamp for guitars, has many fx and a few amp selections, this unit is kind of old, but is in complete working condition. Comes with a peavey midi controller which is a 10 button foot pedal, works perfectly together. $250.00


I also found a Rocktron Velocity 120 power amp. I used to use this with the Chameleon, through a marshall 4X12 cabinet, and it was more then loud enough. $125.00


I found a Johnson J-station, has many amp models in a cool little desktop unit. I recall it sounding pretty good. $75.00


A ST-Audio c-port recording system, this is a pci card with an 8 channel break-out box (think of the m-audio Delta 1010, it actually uses the same pres and dsp chips). This unit has been used on many recording sessions and has never failed me. $175.00


Behringer UB2442FX - This is a cool 24 channel mixer in that it has 8 direct outputs, I used to run those 8 outs to the ins of the St-Audio unit. $175.00


I also have a MOTU 896HD unit, I purchase this last year, it has been used on many sessions, but i have lost too many potential clients due to the lack of Pro Tools usage in my studio. This unit is in new condition. $850.00


Make me an offer! on any or all of it..

Thanks, if you have any questions, want pictures or anything contact me - darryl_derbyshire@hotmail.com

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