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Advice for cleaning up 'Live tracks'. Audio clips included.

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Last weekend I experimented for the first time with this used 4 track Sony Mini Disk recorder I bought to capture some live stuff for a possible demo. Unfortunately I wasn't too prepared and I didn't really have a plan to record. After finally setting up and sound checking (we do our own sound with a full range PA) I didn't have any time to worry about mic'ing or checking levels. My initial plan was to record two tracks in seperate spots in the room and pan the mix left and right. Unfortunately Channel 1 didn't seem to recording any levels so instead I went with a single mic (Shure SM 58), out channel 2 about 8 feet out from the PA, dead center, about 9feet off the floor (ceiling of the club was about 15ft). I basically crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.


Despite a few technical problems (the first set never finished writing to disk and I lost the recording) I could not have expected a better recording. The levels seemed good and I got a nice blend of the band/crowd without too much noise or interferrence.



Of course this was just was done on "The fly" and I'll have a whole summer of opportunities to experiment and get a better initial recording, but I wanted to juice this recording as soon as possible as it is a million times better than the awkward studio demo we have in our press kit. So I imported the recordings into Sonar and added some reverb and some EQ (Primarilly to boost the levels). Any other 'post op'

recommendations to improve this recording? I don't want it to sound too processed. I basically used some presets of the plug in's I liked. It didn't take me more than 10 mins to dress the "track" up.


Listen to the first clip... no processing


Clip 1


No with added reverb...


Clip 2 w/ effects


Any ideas?

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Can't offer you much, but I'll try. I had a listen - the initial recording is not the best, but I think you've done OK to get something out of it.


Is that the Lexicon reverb you used? 'cause it sounds pretty sweet. It certainly helps, but I'd cut back on it a tad.


I can see why you're keen to try and polish this one, it sounds like it was a pretty good performance, but I don't think there will be a lot more that you can do with the recording as it is. I'd suggest recording a few more takes and see what else you can come up with.



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