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Coldstar : Mission Theme Phase Four


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Well... I'm using these monthly mission themes as a way for me to experiment with the set-up I have. This time around it is really about utilising Logics Automation and Nodes facilities.


The structure of this piece is just one chord played all the way through and then using Logics Automation mode I've "effected" the chord line as it progresses. So that on some occaisions there's a heavy amount of "Cut off" to it and then on the next pass perhaps adding "Resonance" where that cut off took place, and thereby effecting that "new" sound even further.


Then taking those two new elements and perhaps putting them both back through heavy reverb or minimal distortion... and so on. Each time taking a new segment and "re-effecting" it.


I then added the distant piano just to try and bind the whole, and hopefully evoke a touch of sadness.


I was thinking of taking it all back into the sampler stage and cutting it to shreds, but I sort of did that with the first months mission, so I decided against it.


So Mike51 the filters I put it through were Logics; Reverb, Flanger and Modulation at various stages, then gave it all excessive reverb. :)


Thanks for listening Dodging Rain, Mike51 and Sinner6. On reflection Sinner6, Absolute Zero is a great title! Wish I'd thought of that.




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