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Sonar 3 producer Edition cant get it to record audio

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yeah, i'm not sure if the demo can record or not.


insert an audio track, select the input source from your soundcard (if need be), push the "R" button to arm it, then hit record.......


that's the basics, there are a lot more record options in the menus....

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Cakewalk used to make good software.

I think they stopped doing that back in the early 1990's.


Everything I've bought from Cake (HS95/HS2004)

has been non-functional post-1995. I used to gig with

Cake for DOS.


So now I use DOPro + Cubase VST + SoundForge.


All three of those software packages actually function

as they are supposed to function.


It's amazing...software that works like it is supposed to,

I mean. That's pretty amazing.

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