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Alesis DM5 head with Pintech nylon drum kit FS

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Kit is a couple of years old but has never been out of the bedroom. I really just want it gone. I'm not a drummer anymore and would rather have a Tele or something:


3 - 10" pintech nylon head drums: http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_pintech_singlezone_concertcast_silentech_pad?full_sku=444870%2e153


1 - Pintech rack (pbc/aluminum) black

1 - Alesis DM5 head with adapter and manual

3 - Pintech trigger cymbals. 1 highat, 2 cymbals (hard black plastic with gold pad)

1 - Tama Iron Cobra pedal with case, manual, info and a few beaters

3 - chrome rack cymbal holders to hold the cymbals.

1 - Pintech K3 Ergo kick trigger (inverted kick style)

1 - Pintech hyperhat high-hat controller

1- bag of drum sticks with Pearl stick-bag, at least 12 pairs of sticks and one is an Eason Lars Ulrich model.

- All the patchchords and mounting hardware is also included.


You can see everything pintech related on Guitar's Center's site:



Everything in this kit is on that page with the exception of the rack. I am working on getting some actual pictures up but everything is boxed up right now. Shipping won't be that bad, but expect at least $30 depending on where you are and I will have to spend about $20 in packaging materials too.


I'm asking $350 for the kit without the Cobra. $400 with the cobra.

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