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Fat Josh

Tama Rockstar Custom Drums w/ EVERYTHING!!

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Drums Are In Great Condition!! Slight Scratches and Dings. Cymbals and All Hardware are Basically Brand New!! Only About 1 Month Old If That. EVERYTHING on the Drums are about 1 Month Old Except for The Ride Cymbal and The Drums Themself. All Drums Have Remo Heads On Them. Ill List Everything Below That Will Come With The Drums.


2x 22x16 Bass Drums

10x9 Tom

2x 12x10 Toms

13x11 Tom

14x12 Tom

16x16 Floor Tom

3x HEAVY DUTY Pulse Boom/Straight Stand

2x Mapex TOP OF THE LINE Boom/Straight Stand

Mapex Straight Stand

2x Pulse Pedals(As Nice as Pearl Eliminators)

Tama Titan Hi Hat Stand

Tama Titan Snare Stand

Tama Hi Hat-Bass Drum Clamp

Wuhan 16" Crash(Sounds Like a Zildjian A Custom Mixed With a China)

Wuhan 18" Crash(Sounds Like a Zildjian A Custom Mixed With a China)

Wuhan 16" China(Best China Cymbals Made!!)

Wuhan 18" China

Wuhan 20" China

Paiste 404 22" Ride(Great Rock Ride!!)

Paiste 101 14" Hi Hats

2x Tama Tom Holders

2x Zildjian Rock Dip Drumsticks(One Set New, One Set Used)

Pearl Rock Cowbell

Pearl Cowbell Mount

Remo Muffling Rings

Heavy Duty Gibraltar Tuning Key


No Snare Or Throne Though. Im Taking Offers on The Kit As a Whole. I WILL Ship But at The Cost Of The Buyer. Local Pickup Will Be in Paducah, KY or I Will Meet Halfway to a Reasonable Distance for Gas Money. Email Me at Murderforbreakfast@hotmail.com Thanks



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