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FS: Zildjian K/Z and Istanbul Flat hi hats

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I have a lot of pies for sale, so I thought rather than give each one a listing I should categorize them.

Welcome to the SUPER HOT HI HAT SALE!


Zildjian 13" K/Z hats

These warm/punchy hats are one of Zildjian's best, and this pair is an early one -- 80s vintage, pre-serial stamp, old-style ink logos and hammering pattern. They are in very good to excellent condition with no hole or edge problems, just some sticking marks. Top: 907g; Bottom: 1528g -- great for rock, but musical and more versatile than your average heavy hats, because of the medium and warm K top.







Istanbul Mehmet 14" Flat Hole hats

I used to own a set of Sabian AA Flat hats, and many of us are familiar with Zildjian Quick Beat hats. These are the same idea, but handmade from Istanbul. The profile is deeper on these -- there is a quite pronounced downward flange on them, much more than the Sabian and Zildjian hats. They play lighter than they are, but offer an unbeatable "chick" sound. The sizzle is crisp, articulate and medium-pitch. Also very good condition with no issues other than playing wear. Top: 1035g; Bottom: 1160g.






EITHER PAIR is only $155 shipped in the US48.


More pics available, just PM. Selling references available. Local meet possible in the central mid-Atlantic region. Fast shipping. What more could you want?

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