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FS: Meinl Byzance crash and ride SWEET!


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These two just speak to me. They are gorgeous sounding cymbals.


1. Byzance 18" Medium Thin crash

Weighing in at 1450g, this crash is a fantastic multi-purpose cymbal. Ride patterns sound shimmery and clear, and the crash is big and full with lots of sustain for those big cymbal parts. The bell is smallish in profile and offers a very integrated chime sound. Heavily hammered with a traditional finish -- classic looks and lots of sound.


No problems or issues unless you mind a little bit of logo wear. Very very good condition.





$151 shipped in the US48


2. Byzance 20" Jazz ride

Don't let the name fool you -- this is a very versatile ride cymbal. They should just call it a plain old "ride" because it's good for everything, depending on how you play it. Also heavily hammered and traditional finish, and the sound will surprise you. At 2040g, you might think it's too light for some things, but the stick definition is great. Obviously there is plenty of wash to work with, but it's so warm and pleasant that I wouldn't hesitate to put it to work in a rock band setting. The bell is slightly integrated, clean, and clear sounding and offers plenty of volume.


No problems or issues unless you mind a fingerprint here or there. Super clean and excellent condition.





$191 shipped in the US48


TAKE BOTH: $321 shipped in the US48

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