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FS: Bosphorus 21" Master Vintage ride


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This baby is thinnnnnnnnnn! I have owned this beauty for less than 2 weeks, but it's too thin for my playing applications, unfortunately. I love the sound, and wish there was a good place for me to use it!


At only 1750g, this cymbal is one of the thinnest Bosphorus rides I've played, and she feels like it. Lots of wobble under the stick, with a woody note and plenty of wash afterwards. The wash is low, warm, and complex with what I like to call "nice trash" in it -- nobody is going to cringe when you whack this baby. Because of the lack of traditional lathing, she's still rather dry in character, but that doesn't translate into a gated or muted sound like I've heard in other cymbals.


As I said, this cymbal is almost new (if only I was a dealer and could actually call it new, I would) and has no issues of any kind. Completely as I received it, brand new in the mail, about 10 days ago.




$255 including shipping in the US48!

A new one would cost $393 from CymbalsOnly!

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