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FS: Zildjian Avedis vintage 70s cymbals!


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These came together and could sell together if you wish --

best deal and highest priority goes to the buyer who

wants them all. Individual prices and whole-set price

are listed.


All of these are Zildjian Avedis 70s-era cymbals, with

the hollow ink Zildjian logo on the reverse. They do not

appear to have been cleaned but are in very nice shape.

The patina on them is "just right" -- only a couple

small spots of real tarnish, as shown in the pictures.

No edge problems or cracks anywhere, and only

the 18 shows the very slightest out-of-roundness to

the center hole. See pics and weights below, and

PM me with any questions. THEY SOUND GREAT!


1. New Beat 14" Hi Hats, 860g over 1370g

$139 shipped in the US48





2. 16" crash, 1200g

$88 shipped in the US48





3. 18" crash, 1470g

$108 shipped in the US48





4. 20" Medium ride, 2590g

$144 shipped in the US48






If you add up the individual prices, you get $479.

I will sell the complete set for

$399 shipped in the US48!

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