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FS: Sabian custom 14" hats, 2009 Vault Tour!


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I can't say these hats are one-of-a-kind, but I can tell you there are only a few sets out there, according to Sabian cymbalsmith Allie Cougle. Allie is the guy who travels on the Sabian Vault Tour to demonstrate cymbalmaking and do custom work. I watched him hammer, lathe, and finish this pair of hats on Sabian's Vault Tour 2009 stop in Harrisburg PA. Here are a couple of pictures of the process:





The design of these hats was created by Allie to compliment the popular Memphis ride model. He hammer-tuned them by hand from a shaped cymbal blank. Each cymbal features a half-lathed top face, and the reverse is lathed except for the bell.


Since these cymbals were finished from blanks away from the factory, they carry Allie's signature and a red sticker that says "Made in Canada" under each bell. I also marked them with their gram weights (small numbers) of 1155g and 1570g.


The lathing style combined with their weight creates a very articulate response that is somewhat dry and yet crisp. They do not play sluggishly or seem too chunky even at their somewhat heavy weights. I used them in a rock band setting that I no longer play in (less than 5 gigs), and received extensive compliments from other drummers on the sound and playability of these hats. Here are some detailed pictures of them:







If you were to order these from the factory, you could expect a 2 month wait time. I'm offering mine for sale for much less than I paid, and passing their unique magic along to you.


EDIT: $275 shipped in the US48!

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