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FS: Ludwig Acrolite snare, early 70s B-O badge!


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Here's a great example of an Acrolite. This is an early 70s drum with the raw aluminum/Ludaloy shell, long before the grey paintjob started. I'd call this drum good condition. A couple of things keep it from being "perfecto" -- the hoops and snare wires are new replacements (BRAND new), the strainer is a modern P85 instead of the broken and incomplete one that was on it, and there are a few scratches on the shell. The rest of the parts are all original and in nice shape.


Everyone knows the keystone badge Acrolites are the most valuable, but this is the same shell as those! Just a pointy Blue-Olive badge instead. This drum won't disappoint. Feel free to PM with any questions.






$125 shipped in the US48!

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