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FS: Peace HAMMERED COPPER snare, 5.5x14


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What a surprising drum! I know some people don't put much stock in some of the lesser-known asian drum companies, but this Peace drum will make you reconsider that. It's a hammered copper shell, which isn't that common in the first place, and it's really well-made. It's not overly heavy, but solid. The bearing edges are perfect and snare beds do their job well. The throwoff is nothing special but works without a hitch.


Copper shelled snares are pretty warm, and add the hammering to it and you get a very warm and dry-ish sounding snare drum that will work great in many types of music. I've used it for rock, country, and jazz styles and never been disappointed. Nicely articulate and sensitive! Just right, in a lot of ways.


It has an Aquarian Texture Coated top head and standard snare side head, snappy snares, and Pearl Superhoops (2.3mm) on it. The hoops were there when I got it and sound good. I have the drum tuned medium-high and it's got a great crack with a lot of depth (doesn't sound thin like Acrolites sometimes can) due to the copper shell. The only "problem" is that there's one plastic gasket missing under one tube lug post, which obviously doesn't affect anything. No pitting, tarnish, or damage -- excellent condition.


PM me with questions. Thanks!






EDIT: Now $169 including shipping in the US48!

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