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FS: Istanbul Agop Signature 19" crash


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This is a gorgeous sounding crash I got from a drummer friend. At only 1349g, it opens up quickly and is very very flexible. The crash is deep and full with some very pleasant complexity, and the overall tone has a naturally dry decay that is just right -- not to squashed or gated-sounding. Sounds great with my Bosphorus Turk and Masters series cymbals. It has a small rough area on the edge, otherwise perfect with no cracks, dings, dents, or hole trouble.





EDIT: $175 shipped in the US48!

A new one is at least $313, and are very hard to find...

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I've been eyeing this one. It sounds like what I'm looking for. This what I'm playing now:

A Zildjians-

Med 20" ride

18" thin crash

14" paper thin crash

14" A custom hats

10" A custom splash

16" Sabian med thin crash or 16" A Zildjian med/thin crash (switched out)



I'm looking to possibly replace the 18" thin crash with something with more depth in tone, something somewhat darker. How do you think this would work tonally with the Zildjians? Since I've never had the opportunity to (knowingly) hear an Istanbul I can use the help.


Also, would you be interested in the Sabian 13" EQ hats I have as a trade, along with the 10" splash? That would be worth about $180 for both.

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Sorry Ray, she SOLD last night. Off to Europe with the WFL snare...


And while I'm a huge proponent of playing whatever you like the sound of, this Agop is really worlds apart from your A Zildjian stuff. I'm not sure you would have been happy with the pairing. I do have another crash you might like, that would fit your setup better. I'll send you a PM.

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