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FS: Sabian 10" splashes


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I have three. Three 10" splashes. There are really three of them.


Do I need three? Nope.

Do you need three? Nope.


But maybe between me, you, and someone else we can all be very happy with our ONE 10" splash. Here's my plan. All three are up for sale. They all sound fabulous. Whichever two sell first, I keep the last one. We each get one. Hooray!


All three: brilliant finish, no dings/dents/cracks/hole trouble/edge trouble/etc., with a "splish" type response. I don't do the gongish-sounding splash thing. These guys punch fast and get out of the way. They all sound great, just a little different from each other.


1. Sabian HH 10" splash - lowest pitch, tallest height profile, 250 grams

2. Sabian AAX 10" splash (recent era, large AAX logo) - medium pitch, slightly squared bell profile, 240 grams

3. Sabian AAX 10" splash (90s era, smaller AAX logo) - highest pitch, rounded small bell profile, 245 grams



HH reverse side


AAX recent era reverse side


AAX 90s era reverse side


A new AAX 10" is $119 at MF/GC, and a new HH 10" is $139. These are less than half price!


HH: $68 shipped in the US48

AAX: $58 shipped in the US48

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