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FS: Premier Signia maple snare, 5.5x14 GORGEOUS


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I love Premier Signia drums. I love them so so so so soooo much. I actually have two of the same model snare, which is why this one is going up for grabs.


You probably already know that these were Premier's top of the line in the 90s. They offered the Genista birch shell drums alongside the Signia maples. Later in the run, Signias were available in standard and "Marquis" models -- the Marquis drums had thicker shells with no reinforcement rings, but the original Signia shells are 5ply with 5ply rings. And they are magical. These snares are so articulate and so full-bodied, the only maple drum I've heard with more presence was a solid steambent shell.


This particular snare is in Amber lacquer, which is a satin stain rather than a glossy finish. (I really like these satin finishes -- my first Signia kit was walnut satin but I hardly see that finish up for sale nowadays.) This drum is in EXCELLENT condition, with only one impression in the finish (see the picture below), and you can't see the imperfection from even a few feet away. The rest of the finish is perfect, the chrome is all beautiful, and there are only a couple of minor age spots on the badge. Heads, snares, and all hardware on this drum are original factory equipment. (Yes, the factory did supply this drum with a die cast batter hoop and a triple flange snare hoop.) The interior of the drum is immaculate.


These snare drums are not always easy to find, and definitely hard to find in this condition. I will always own one of these snare drums, it's a staple for me. Even though most of my snares are Ludwigs, there is something amazing about the Premier Signia drums. See for yourself!






Throwoff panel

Butt panel


$349 plus actual shipping in the US48!

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