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FS: Zildjian K 21" Heavy ride


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At an even 3000 grams, this ride has a beautifully defined stick sound. The K Heavy has always been one of my favorite K models, because it offers the clarity that's needed in a rock setting, and still the warmth of the K series. In other words, the note is not overly bright and certainly not tinny, but is very solid without sounding clangy. The bell on this cymbal cuts through and has a consistent tone to the rest of the cymbal. I wouldn't call this ride crashable, but maybe you're stronger than me or play with tree trunks -- it's up to you.


I just bought this one as a music store demo, and it ended up being redundant in my cymbal setup. There are certainly no dings, dents, cracks, or issues other than some slight roughness around the center hole that I believe to be from demo usage. There's no worry about it, and it isn't noticeable except for a very close look, but I believe in full disclosure. Check out the pictures and message me with any questions. I've actually just read that this size has been discontinued, so buy mine or settle for a 20", I suppose...





A brand new K 21" ride will cost around $350, but you can't get the 21" Heavy model anymore. Mine is only...


EDIT: $211 shipped in the US48!

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