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Vintage Gretsch 4160 1960's Chrome over Brass 14" Snare


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Well I was searching around my basement, and my brother bought a 50 dollar set from a friend. I found a Gretsch snare in that kit, and it happened to be this.


I did some research and I'm pretty sure it's from the 60's. It's got a 5 digit serial number. It also sports the round Gretsch stamp.


It's missing the actual snare, but everything else seems to be there. It is missing one screw where the snare is clamped in.


The drums chrome on the rim is missing in one spot, I assume from hitting the rim. Around the shell the chrome is in tact the whole way around. There are a few small impressions in the chrome, but no scratches or anything through the chrome. Overall, it's playable condition but has been used. For being from the 60's, it's not bad condition.


It needs new heads, at bare minimum, the bottom head needs replaced. There is a hole through it and it's got duct tape on it.


Right now I am looking for 400 OBO +shipping. There are two on ebay now, one for 700 and one for 500 but they are in better condition. I think 400 is a good price.


I take paypal and money orders.


If you have any questions, email me at ohspyro89@gmail.com or call at 3304640695. If I don't answer, feel free to leave a message.












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