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FS: DW 5.5x14 Collector's Series copper snare


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I've been a drummer for a couple decades now, and never owned a DW snare drum until the last year. I ended up with a copper shell Collector series snare drum from a trade, and thought it would be nice to try one.




I have always loved the sound of copper and bronze shell snares, and have owned several. When I got the DW copper I sold the other 3 copper and bronze shell snares immediately and it became my go-to snare. The sound of this drum is big and round and incredibly warm for a metal shell. The rimshots are powerful and clear. You can tell this drum is high quality. Although the drum can have a great ring when left unmuffled and tuned open and medium, there are no stray overtones that make you cringe. Copper is generally a little drier than bronze, but this drum just has a very natural sound, and records EXTREMELY well. The forum member I got it from was using it as a gigging substitute for his '20s Black Beauty.


A few details: this drum is the flat shell, not the knurled. It weighs quite a bit but my feeling is that most of that comes from the hardware. The copper shell itself is pretty thin, and there is one ding in the shell that is extremely small and shallow. It's in the panel to the right of the badge, see if you can spot it in the photo. I tried to take a close-up of it and it wouldn't show. There's a decent scratch in the reverse badge panel. Otherwise it's very clean. It has a brand new Attack Terry Bozzio Medium coated head on top and a brand new set of Puresounds on the bottom.


Why sell it? Because I love it so much, I bought a second one. Then I never used it. So I guess I don't need two. So here it is! They sell for over $600 new at my local 5 Star Drum Shop, this one is much much less.


Weekend Sale! $320 SHIPPED in the US48!





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