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FS: NEW Sabian HH 16" Extra Thin crash


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Yes, you read that right -- it's new. I got it this week. Have not gigged it. Have played on it less than an hour. Now, before you jump to conclusions -- this cymbal is fabulous. I mean wonderful. At the risk of going over the top, it may be the best 16" Sabian crash I've ever heard. So why sell it?

BECAUSE I have a 4 piece drum set in my drum room surrounded by about 2 DOZEN cymbals. It's a little disproportionate!


The pics tell the story. It's a beauty. The brilliant finish might have a fingerprint or two, but it's new. There is a nice outline on the underside where I took off the UPC label -- no white sticky stuff left behind, just a rectangle where the sticker was. Clean it or not, it's still new. It weighs 930 grams and has a gorgeous low-tone crash sound that opens up quickly and dies naturally without too much or too little sustain. Oh, didn't I mention, it's NEW?





Go to GC/MF/etc. and buy this cymbal for $259...or you can buy mine at one week old, for almost $100 less!


$169 shipped in the US48!

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