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FS: Premier Signia Marquis 5.5x14 maple snare, Uncommonly Good!


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Wasn't that a commercial? Well, I'm sure it wasn't for Premier Signia drums. BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN!


Elf #1: How do you cram so much uncommon goodness into these snare drums?

Elf #2: Why it's elvish magic of course! We harvest the wood from inside our own special magic trees.

Elf #1: Is that what that smell is?

Elf #2: No, that's Bob. He's the elf we don't talk about.

Elf #1: Oh. What's his job?

Elf #2: Buffing.

Elf #1: Huh?

Elf #2: These Premier Signia snare drums we're making are some of the best snare drums of all time!




Signia series drums are some of my favorite drums ever made. I have owned several, and never heard one that wasn't a winner. This drum is no exception to that -- warm, full, round tone, articulate and sensitive. The Marquis series was not available as long as the standard Signia series, making this drum hard to find, and worth buying when you do. The differences between the Signia and the Marquis?


Signia: 5ply maple with rerings, 5mm shell thickness, large profile die cast batter hoop, 10 lugs

Signia Marquis: 6ply unreinforced maple, 6mm shell thickness, low profile cast hoops on both sides, 8 lugs


While both are great sounding drums, the Marquis has the more open tone. The low profile cast hoops weigh less and there are two less lugs, opening up the drum to sound less gated. This drum can do anything you like with the right heads, snares, and tuning. And it's in excellent condition with only minor pitting and a couple of pen-tip-sized marks in the shell. No cracks, no scratches, no problems. And did I mention you don't see them every day?


$279 SHIPPED in the US48!





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