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FS: vintage 1950s Zildjian Avedis 19" cymbal


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Yes, I went for the most basic label of "cymbal" in the title because I want YOU to decide what you're going to use it for. At 1815g, this cymbal responds extremely well as a crash or a light ride -- I used it for both. The crash wash is medium-low and warm with a touch of very pleasant complexity. I don't see hammer marks on this cymbal but it sounds like some of the older hand hammered As I have owned. The bell is nicely integrated and sounds good for accents, just don't expect to cut through a wall of guitars with it. As you might expect, this cymbal is right at home in your jazz/pop/acoustic/country setting, but isn't great for rock except as a crash only. In that role it works great if you want that older vintage A tone.


Overall this beauty is in great shape with only one rough spot on the edge (a minor indentation and couple of small pentip-sized spots) that is not a cause for concern. The center hole is in round with no issues. Someone has cleaned this at one time (not me) but it's got a few spots back on it now. The trademark stamp is the deeper late 50s/early 60s one, and with its off-center placement and tonal qualities I am guessing late 50s. Personally I LOVE this cymbal and if I wasn't in fundraising mode I'd keep it forever. Not looking for trades on this. Check out the pics and let me know if you have any questions about it.


$171 shipped in the US48





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