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Sellin' the Acro


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Pics to come, but...

This is a Ludwig Acrolite, Blue/Olive Badge. I rescued this from a pawn shop and completely put this thing back together:

-tapped out a couple of minor dents

-replaced top and bottom hoops with Gibraltar 2.3mm's

-replaced snare throw off

-new snare wires

-And I painted it black - it looks pretty good. There are some flaws but you have to pick the drum up and examine it to see them

-I did not replace the badge


I've used this for a couple of years, though not much for gigging. Top head is played, bottom in very good shape.


I've enjoyed this drum, I just don't use it. Everyone needs an Acro (I just need the cash more than the drum right now).


$100.00 + shipping


I will post pics shortly!!


post interest here or pm me.



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As promised here are the pics. These are taken pretty close up so it shows the flaws I spoke of earlier. When this drum is on a stand and behind a kit you don't see them at all.


The pics:






There's a little paint chip on this that happened soon after I painted it. That's the biggest flaw on the drum.




Edit: to the right you can see where the air vent grommet was removed (just the hole now).






A few minor surface scratches




Evans ST Dry head. The head is dirty from stick marks (including side sticking). The coating is still decent.




Attack Terry Bozio snare side head. I did not paint the inside of the shell.


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