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FS: Bosphorus Turk 14" custom hats


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I custom ordered this awesome set of hats, and they ended up being similar to another custom set of Bosphorus hi hats I own. Most Bosphorus hi hats are lighter in weight -- this medium over medium heavy pair was so I could have a very musical set of hats for rock applications. However these cymbals are very versatile and would sound great for almost any kind of music.


The ink stamp says "Bright Hats" because that's what Bosphorus calls things that are on the heavier side for them. The unlathed surface gives them a great complex tone -- they sound great. Actual weights are hard to read but I believe they are 1056 over 1242 grams. They are in like-new condition with NO issues of any kind.


A new normal-weight pair of Bosphorus 14" Turk hats is about $357. Custom order cymbals take at least 3 months to receive even at that price. Here's a great deal!


EDIT: NOW $257 SHIPPED in the US48!




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