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$100 cymbal sale!!!


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1. ***SOLD Sabian AA 13" Fusion hats SOLD***

These are great sounding hats! I love the light top heavy bottom thing in a 13" size -- it reminds me of the K/Z pair I used to have. Super crisp and articulate, no airlock (from factory vents in the bottom), and yet can be played with a light touch too. These would be suitable for almost any music genre, but especially in a setting where you really want to hear your hat accents. Center holes show a bit of playwear, but no cracks or other problems anywhere. Original dirt included! Weight: 815 over 1445 grams.


2. Sabian AA 14" Regular hats

These are good sounding pro level hats. Everyone is supposed to own or have owned a set of Avedis New Beats, right? This is a great way to get the same sound for less, since New Beats generally go for $25-50 more than this. These would work well as an upgrade to your lesser hats, or if you need a middle of the road pro sound for studio or live work. Great in any setting. Original dirt included! Weight: 1065 over 1350 grams.





3. ***SOLD Zildjian A 18" Medium Thin crash SOLD***

This cymbal makes me a little upset. I don't need it, but it sounds so good I want to keep it! It's a pre-serial Avedis, so about 25? years old -- in cars, that's vintage. Of course we don't think of pre-serial As that way, do we? But yet it's thinner and glassier than the modern versions and has none of the ugly CLANG I so often here in those. It's as classic as a classic 60s-80s A can be. Love it. Original dirt included! Weight: 1375 grams.


4. ***SOLD Sabian AAX 15" Xplosion Fast crash SOLD ***

I got this as part of a promotion, and have only played it once or twice. I already have a similar 15" crash (A Custom Fast model) in my setup, so it's a bit redundant for me. If I was a dealer this would be sold as a new cymbal, but I'm not, so I'll just say it LOOKS brand new. It's as the name suggests -- fast but explosive. This line of crashes is my favorite in the AAX series, and this one is a great example. Raw bell, no issues (obviously), just a few fingerprints. No dirt included with this one! (Sorry I didn't take pics of this one, but you won't be disappointed.) Weight: 740 grams.



The remaining pair of hats are

$100 including shipping in the US48!


PM me with questions!

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