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24" 20" 14" UFIP, HHX, Armand 150-200$


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24" vintage UFIP ride for sale.. 150$ + ship


20" Sabian HHX Legacy Weckle ride $150 + ship


14" Zildjian Armand hats $200 + ship


I take good care of my stuff, not a hard hitter, play with 5A's..

I don't clean cymbals. But the hats have been cleaned twice, I had free groove juice and didn't want to waste it. Logos intact, except for the UFIP. I bought it from a forum member.

I play these everyday, and I really like them. But I am bored, and want to try something else for awhile..


PM for pics..


Will have packed, and shipped at Staples via UPS.. Paypal would be appreciated..

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