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FS: Sabian HH 20" ride


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Here's a fantastic and versatile ride cymbal that will make someone very happy! It's a brilliant finish Sabian Hand Hammered 20" which I believe is their "medium ride" model. At 2380g, it responds well to multiple playing techniques and would suit a plethora of music styles. Sticking is well-defined but not pingy, due somewhat to the series of cymbal this is. The wash doesn't get out of control but the cymbal doesn't sound like a "dry ride" either. Shanking the edge will crash this one, and if you're into heavier music you CAN wash-ride this cymbal by playing on the edge. I truly feel this is a jack-of-all-trades ride!


You can see in the photos that logos are gone, although the outlines of some can still be seen. There are no cracks or problems apart from slight playwear on the center hole and a rough spot on the edge (both are pictured). This cymbal is in very good condition and will give you no trouble. Just lots of good music! PM with questions, not looking for trades unless you happen to have a 14" or 16" Slingerland floor tom (black/silver Niles badge, tan interior)...


A new one is $349 at Musician's Friend (MSRP is $584), you can get this one for much less!

EDIT: $150 SHIPPED in the US48!







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