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FS: Ludwig Legacy 6.5x14 EIGHT lug snare!


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Haven't seen another one of these up for sale? Neither have I!!!


I ordered this drum from Ludwig and received it this May -- so it's only about 3 to 4 months old. (Search my threads if you want to see the original pics from when I got it.) I'm not trying to make money here, but I'm not looking to give it away and I believe the price is fair. The drum is phenomenal and I love it. The only reason I'm selling is because I ordered a matching Legacy eight lug with my coming set. Originally I didn't plan to do that and this was going to be my only Legacy snare, but I ended up choosing a matching snare instead.


This drum NAILS the vintage 3-ply Ludwig sound, and has warmth and depth to spare. It's extremely hard to find an original 3-ply 6.5x14 eight lug snare -- now you don't have to. It has a Remo coated Diplomat on the batter side with 90% of its life left, and I will also include the original Ludwig medium coated WeatherMaster head.





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