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Music legend Ray Charles dies at 73

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RIP :(. One thing that I remember was his part in the Blues Brother's movie where he sits behind the Rhodes and starts playing just like that, telling Jake & Elwood that "this is something different" (if I recall correctly).


Thanks to a Korg X3 with a half-decent EP on it that I could borrow at the time I've grown to love the sound of it - way more than its DX7 counterpart that was more in vogue at that time.

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i always thought his example of flourishing as an artist despite racism, discrimination, poverty, a 20-year heroin habit, and physical handicap was inspirational.

i truly admired him and am sorry to see him go.


"i think i'm getting pretty good, i can play the blues real well now"

-Ray Charles, 2003

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Over the Memorial Day weekend CMT (Country Music Television) was doing a Crossroads marathon and I saw the Travis Tritt/Ray Charles episode. I remember saying to myself "he still has it!" as he was playing and thinking he could keep going for years to come. It was recorded last year when Ray was 72. In addition to the concert footage, there are also interviews with Ray and Travis. CMT is replaying the episode tonight at 10:00pm ET/PT...


R.I.P. Ray :(

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I can't stop loving you

I've made up my mind

To live in memories

Of the lonesome time.


I can't stop wanting you

It's useless to say

So I'll just live my life

in dreams of yesterday.


Those happy hours

That we once knew

Though long ago

They still make me blue.


They say that time

Heals a broken heart

But time has stood still

Since we've been apart!


R. I. P., dude. :(

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Oh man....

I've got a book of Ray Charles music that I was just playing today...

Georgia On My Mind

Born To Lose

Crying Time

HIt The Road Jack


Shake Your Tail Feathers (the one from the Blues Bros movie)

What'd I Say



The best part of playing these songs is it doesn't matter how they're played -- in my mind I only hear Ray.


A couple of years ago, I drove up to Reno to catch a Ray Charles concert. He was doing the most amazing pitch bends on the keyboard.


That guy was just so MUSICAL



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I saw him play a full show in November 2001 and he came bouncing out on stage like he was 25, sat down and played non-stop for 2 1/2 hours. One of the best shows I've seen. The man was truely a legend.


I think a law should be passed that no one else should ever be allowed to cover "Georgia On My Mind." It's bad enough the Michael Bolton did it once.

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