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Korg Triton Le FS - Great Condition

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I have a Korg Triton Le for sale w/softshell carry bag/case - $750.00 PLUS SHIPPING (if not in NY/NJ area). If you ARE in the NY/NJ area - let's do it in person, it's a lot easier...


I have had it 4 years - have played out on many gigs but it is still in great shape cosmetically & all features/functions work exactly as they should.


I have Receipt of Purchase, original box and manual - even a video on how to use the sampling option (which is not installed but you can get as an upgrade).


The sounds on this thing are great for the price - I'm just not happy with the action, which is VERY soft and lightweight. If you're from a true piano-playing background - you won't like the action. If you've only played synths all your life - then the action probably won't bother you.


Send me a Private Message if interested. :D

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