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FS: Kurzweil K2661 with options, Roland VK8M


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For sale:


Roland VK8M Hammond organ module, in great shape, needs to be updated to version 1.06 firmware, which I will include the firmware file on a CD along with the south side upgrade that improves the leslie simulation and additional sounds on a CD. $500 OBO


Kurzweil K2661 61 note workstation. Thing is in great shape. Plays perfectly. Inclues options like the additional ribbon controller, rom block 4, classic keys option, SCSI CD-rom drive with a bunch of sample CDs, smart media card and all sounds i have for it on a CD. The ribbon controller cable has a broken clip so it may fall out and the end is a little messed up, but it is a replaceable option from sweetwater at $50, and it still works perfectly fine. Asking $2000 OBO


I live in NJ and would prefer local sale only unless you have paypal, and that is at my discretion. I am not interested in being screwed over again. I am flexible on price, but no lowballing, please.


Note: I am totally blind so the physical condition of the items above may be slightly off. I can tell you that the units do work and all knobs and stuff are in existence. I cannot account for scratches or other physical problems. I am perfectly willing to let anybody local to the Woodbridge, NJ area come and look at the gear themselves. I will have sighted people around as well to assist with anything needed. I believe I still have manuals, but if not, they are downloadable from the manufacturer's web sites. I can be contacted at remove-dfibraio@comcast.net-remove. Thanks and I really hope somebody is interested in giving my babies a good home.

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