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Korg m3, Kurzweil k2661, Korg Radias, Roland vk8m and more

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I have some gear I am wanting to clear out in favor of getting new gear. It breaks down like this.


Kurzweil k2661 with hard shell case, scsi CD drive and a ribbon controller. The k2661 has rom block 4 installed, but not rom block 3. The ribbon may need replacing as the cord is fraying. It seems to work, but there is a slight dead spot sometimes when sliding the finger across it. It's a $50 replacement, though. Since I don't need them anymore, I am throwing in all my K series CDs and sounds as an extra to sweeten the deal. Asking about $1600 or best offer.


Korg M3 73 key...Currently has the radias expansion board installed, and the radias module mounted in the chassis. Upgraded to version 2.0. NO other expansions purchased. Love this keyboard, but can't use it due to the touch screen and me being blind. Only flaw, the memory slot is broken, so I can't install the memory expansion, which I did buy. I can sell it with the radias r module attached for extra. If you just want the m3, asking about $1700, if you want the radias r, add an addition $600 and I could toss in the 49 key radias keyboard for you. NO cases, again, sorry. I do have the sudosonic video on the m3 I can include as well as some extra sounds.


Korg Radias...upgraded to version 2.0. Currently mounted in the m3 73, but I have the 49 Key keyboard assembly. If you just want the radias, with keyboard, it is $700. Again, no cases, sorry, but I can include some extra sounds.


Roland VK8M organ module. including the leslie modification files from the company I can't remember. Unit works, but having a problem upgrading it to the latest OS from Roland. Could be pilot error, though. Asking $500 or best offer.


Would take trades for the following: Kurzweil pc3 76 key model only. Prophet 08, module, nord rack 2x or any other analog modules.


You can contact me through email at dfibraio at comcast.net. Will not ship unless payment is received and cleared first. Buyer pays shipping. Everything is negotiable, but low ballers will be castrated. If interested, let me know. Local pickup in Central New Jersey is preferred.

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