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Akai MPK25 USB Midi Keyboard


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I am selling an Akai MPK25 USB Midi Keyboard that is in excellent condition. I am trying to get $190 for it right now since it is in great condition.


I bought this sometime last fall and have not used it much since. In fact it is sitting in my closet at home boxed up in all the original packaging and has been doing so for the past few months. I really have not had much time to take it out and play around with it, even though it's such a fun tool for recording. It can be used with various recording programs, and comes with a cd to install the software for hooking it up. Very easy! Also comes with a free demo of Ableton Live which gives you full access to the entire program without the ability to save your work. Ableton is loads of fun and works very well with the keyboard.


As far as the keyboard, it comes with 25 keys, 12 drum pads, 12 knobs (full rotational, never-ending), two mod wheels, as well as a bunch of buttons for various features and a bright lcd screen to display information. In ableton you can assign anything to the drum pads and jam out a beat, and each knob can be assigned to whatever you choose. Just click one button, select the output you'd like to control, then twist the knob and you're set. You can reassign knob after knob and go crazy!


The keyboard will come with a short usb cable for hooking it up to the computer. There are also various outputs for midi devices, but I haven't messed with these at all. But apparently you can hook all sorts of midi instruments up to it, and control more stuff than just your computer.


Overall it's a really versatile instrument, and can do loads of {censored} that's just amazing. Currently it resides at my home in Newton, NJ while I'm away at college at Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ but I can go home to retrieve it and bring it down here, or I can go up there on a weekend and meet you there. Whatever you please. Also if you'd like to meet at a train station linked to New Brunswick I can do this as well. The train station runs right through New Brunswick and is really easy to get on, so I have no problem meeting you somewhere along the path it takes.


I can also ship it out, you pay shipping. I can get an estimate if you send me your zip code.


Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to answer them.

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