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Roland M-SE1 String Ensemble; Yamaha TG33; E-Mu ProCussion Synth Modules


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Yamaha has been sold. Roland and E-Mu units still available.



Roland M-SE1 String Ensemble Module - $175


Excellent-sounding collection of strings and pads, and some percussion, too. Different sample set than the JV series.


These units are rare and have a following.


In addition to slow string sounds, this module has lots of meaty, fast-attack strings. Layer with other string samples to add fullness, or when quick articulation is required.


Here's a link to the manual: http://synthmanuals.com/manuals/roland/m-se1/users_guide/m-bd1_dc1_gs64_oc1_se1_vs1_ug.pdf


This unit is in absolute mint condition. Used in smoke-free home studio. Includes pwr cord, MIDI cable and printed manual. I think I have the original box and packing.


Photo: http://i945.photobucket.com/albums/ad296/wherebdave/M%20SE1/M-SE1.jpg


E-Mu Procussion Percussion Module - $100


Rackmount percussion module. Used in smoke-free home studio. Excellent condition. With pwr cord and MIDI cable.


The E-mu Pro/Cussion is a classic module belonging to the glorious "Proteus" line. This is a multi-timbral percussion instrument whose sounds are based on actual digital recordings of "real" instruments. The sound is typically E-mu: very clean, punchy and digital.


There are hundreds of different drum and percussion instruments, easily available at the tip of your fingers (when using a controller keyboard or drum machine pads) or drumsticks (when using a trigger drum controller)


The Procussion contains four megabytes of very high quality 16-bit percussion samples selected from the Emulator III sound library and stored in ROM. The Procussion gives you the ability to literally take these sounds apart and re-assemble them into an almost limitless number of entirely new percussion sounds, combining parts of one instrument with another or with any of a selection of digital waveforms also stored in ROM.


More info here: http://www.synthmania.com/procussion.htm


Pix: http://s945.photobucket.com/albums/ad296/wherebdave/Procussion/

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