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1987 Ampeg "Skunkworks" SVT #19 of 500 made

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Ampeg "Skunkworks" SVT #19 of 500. The original team of 8 got together in 1987 with SLM and made a limited run of 500. Based on the early '70-'72 SVT's and also using USA Made transformers rather than the Japan Made transformers. That's not the only thing that's different about these 500 beasts. Take a look at the pics. 1 non original knob, 1 missing knob. Everything else is perfect.... especially the tone. Very rare opportunity to own a 'Skunkworks' SVT. This baby would fetch up to $3500 on the coasts. Need to sell ASAP to make a bass purchace from ebaY. Thanks for looking! $1800 (Or Trade for '50's - '60's Kay "Howlin Wolf" Bass).









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First off, there was no "Original Team"

The crew was made up of line workers from the "Crate" factory. Anyone who was available from production that day. So there were as many as 20 to 30 people involved in building this thing.


Second, there were no "Original" parts left over for 500 units. There were 50 left over MTI SVT's and 100 V-5's & 5 or 6 V-7's chassis with no cabinets. We built up the left over MYI units & V-5's now called SVT-100's. Then we contacted as many original venders as possible who were still in business. Any parts that were not available were bought buy another vender or we changed the design to accommodate this.


Example: there were no 12DW7's available in 1986, so the engineer changed the circuitry to accomadate 12AX7's. We also chaged the input gain to a higher sensitivity to accomidate the new active basses that were coming on the market. The old ones were too sensitive, they would be at full power with the vol on 3. We fixed this.


How do I know.

I was there, I was the line assembly supervisor on the project. [Dave Ryan, Im in the Ampeg book] They were made in the spring, summer & fall of 1987. There were 500 on the run, there is also another 7 or 8 extras that were built with left over parts from the run, on orderers from management. These 7 or 8 have no serial #'s.

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