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12-Space SKB Rack with Coiled Shock Absorbers

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Edit..Forgot price! $225 shipped.


12-Space SKB Rack with Coiled Shock Absorbers


Go to any search engine and type SKB 912u and see for yourself that this is not a normal rack case. Here are some examples of prices for this model (BEFORE SHIPPING!):




http://www.cybozone.com/fg/skb.html $659.95


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SKB912U ON SALE FOR $550! (Same model number/specs, slightly different look)


http://www.cases2go.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp_Q_page_E_1 (notice the smaller 10 rack shock is almost a $1000!)




SKB Road Rack with Revolutionary Internal Shock Absorbing Design:


The Shockmount cases feature an internal frame mounted on coiled shock absorbers on all 8 corners. These revolutionary shocks are designed to control the effects of shock & vibration on three axes. The "sway" space around the internal frame provides natural air conditioning... very important for delicate audio equipment. Plus, the SKB Shockmount cases are half the weight of the old wooden cases.


SKB portable rack cases are designed with three things in mind: toughness to handle even the harshest handling conditions, light weight for easy portability, and innovative design to give you the best possible product to protect and transport your valuable gear. SKB portable cases have you covered. Extremely tough molded exteriors, integrated handles, strong and reliable latches, and stackable designs are hallmarks of the entire line of road-tested, lightweight, dependable SKB portable cases.


NOTE NOTE NOTE!!! This is NOT the SKB19-12U. That is a cheaper model with NO shock mount. The shock mount cases like the one in this auction cost TWICE as much as normal SKB cases that you find in guitar center etc. NOTE NOTE NOTE!!!


These cases are NEW. BRAND NEW. They are sealed and have never been opened. Inside is a sealed pack of rack screws to safely secure your rack equipment.


DO NOT buy a cheap rack for your equipment. They tip over easily and can trash your gear by rattling them to failure on the road. This is a TOUR grade case, not a cheapie. I have many of these boxed, new, unopened and ready to ship. My storage space rental is up in 2 months time so I have to shift them FAST.


YOU WILL BE 100% DELIGHTED with these cases. You will open the box and go WOW!!!! SCORE!!! The image makes the case look small (boxed it is 30x30x30 inches!). Message me for some better pictures. I have sold a lot of music gear on ebay. This is by far the best quality product I have bought or sold on Ebay and I am a gear nut!

USA SHIPPING ONLY. The box is HUGE!!! Local pickup welcome Stuart, Florida East coast.



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