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Marshall Silver Jubilee 1987 Bass Full stack

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You know what this is?

Try and find info on this I dare ya...she's a rare one for sure

The match to Slash's favorite stack in Bass form..


Too big for our lil psychedelic blues band,,,too much of a collector's

piece to gig with so she has to go.


600watts low serial number ,extremely nice condition and everything works

I have the owners manual also..

FX Loop, XLR out with variable output settings,full EQ ,massive dual torroidal transformers ,onboard cooling fans and ultra cool running...super quiet.

Massive gain and tone control available on tap.

Made in Blunchley England.

Jubilee Silver tolex

I'm in MI and would like a trade on a high end bass rig ready to gig

think Mesa,Ampeg,SWR etc...


This is a 6' full stack and is heavy...somebody should tuck this away as it's rare.


Let's hear what you have to trade.. we need a rig..

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I don't think it has tubes..This has these 2 huge round wound torroidal transformers 1 for each outputof 300 watts with a dedicated cooling fan for each and thus the combined 2 x300 =600 watts..


Mesa and Bruce Egnater both use Toroidal transformers in their rack mount amps such as this.

They are powerful, and extremely quiet..but expensive so not many use them.


This amp head is unique because it's a head and it's built into a custom cab that allows a rack effect to be installed,currently I have an eq in place but usually it's a DBX compressor..

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this rig in complete form is actually very rare...

the heads pop up from time to time with and without the matching grey box which is very rare alone...the 2x15s are around with frequency and as the head, usually pretty beat up.


that top cab is the tough piece to find...you dont see many , and to find a complete jub bass stack in clean condition... snap er up...


guys love or hate this rig... if it sounds anythying like its guitar counterpart look out !!!

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Thanks Peeden,,,you are 100% correct my man!

You know what a full six string stack in this condition

of the same flavor Jubilee would bring?? This is even more rare.

as you've stated...I've been around an ass load of bands and

the scene and have never seen one on stage like this..


So when I found it I grabbed it up...


It's just a bit more than what we need,and I'd be too worried

about it getting scratched up taking her out of bars...not

happenin! I want a rig in a road case that is bang up proof.

It needs to be portable with casters and big sound like this stack.


This belongs in a band that does the heavy and hard stuff and

80's hair {censored}! that's not our calling ....


It really is an interesting piece and catches everybody's eye...

I'll most likely put her up on Ebay this weekend as that will be seen by

an international body and the right person will grab her up.

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Holy {censored} look what I just found on Ebay...Yup peed you're right ....

I have the whole friggin stack....OK I'll be letting this go with extreme caution.


I'm gonna have to find the Marshall collector with the loot....This cat has 3 offers already...




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the one on ebay for $2999 is a bit high... its been there for a while now.


I know someone that was in contact with that seller[ btw; a good guy ]

and if memory serves me he was willing to sell it for less than $1800.


in the end its only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

the sad drawback to the jub bass stuff is they are indeed for more of a metal player. the cabs sound nice, but the heads are somewhat limited sound wise.


the jub guitar and bass stuff really fluctuates price wise... there is no rhyme or reason from day to day it varies...marshall bass gear can be a tough sale.


a 2550 head sold last month for $2500, last week one sold for $1400.


for a while nobody wanted the 2553head or its matched cabs, last summer a full stack sold for $1800 and it was squeeky clean.

people started listing them and they were selling...

now as you can see... there are 2556A/B cabs up weekly.... not selling at all.


I was offered a 2555 head with 2551B cab for high 3k range.

price seemed high at the time, but was it...? probably not as most guys want the 100 watt head. and B cabs are worth their weight in gold of late.


the 2555 market is all over the map as well.... I missed a couple really nice ones in the high teens early last year. had some real rags offered to me for low teens...


I have roughly $3400 into my 2550 full stack.

the cabs are minty and the head is very clean...


I have some unpaired 4x12 slants to complete another couple stacks... but am finding I simply am running out of space for amps again.

so I will likely start offing some jub cabs.


I would like to score a clean 2555 but am not dumping 3k to do it.


its definitely cheaper to piece a rig together than to buy a matched full or halfstack as they always seem to carry a premium price.


in my case I was lucky enough to buy back my matched 1/2 stack [sold last year ]and finally able to find a worthy B cab to complete my stack.


a 50 watt head is fine with a full stack... but kind of senseless and you arent pushing the speakers.. a 100 watter is gonna really be a welcomed experience.

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You sound like a Jubilee guy to me..

You can't go wrong with collectables they will always rise to

unseen heights because they just get older every day.and no Marshall

can't do another silver anniversary again can they?


I've received interest from buyers from europe already and they appear to be ready to pull the trigger,,,yano the dollar is falling faster than Jenna Jame's

panties ....buying power against the dollar has never been better in history.


The freight internationally is no problem for them...so after the check clears and my money is safely in my hands I'll ship it...


Yeah this amp is really aimed at the metal high gain heads out there for sure.

we noticed that about her right off .


I'll miss her when she's gone as it really is a show piece...

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Ebay buyer bought her today for $2.750


Gotta package this beast now.:thu:



So as you may know I'm in the market for a rig

hoping to score a Mesa 400 or 400 plus...

Cab wise a pair of 4x 10's would be cool...

or the powerhouse 1k...tryin for local MI pick up


anybody have any decent deals I'm all ears with cash..


I feel I've found a 400 in a rack w/furman for $750

she'd be easier to push at club levels than the 400+

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So do you still have this? Is yours sold or is the one on ebay sold?


I'm in california. I've got a mesa 400+, a 410 and 115 mesa cab. I'd be willing to trade if you're planning on taking a drive into ca anytime. I'm never going to sell my rig, and this is probably the only trade i'd ever consider.

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The one on ebay is mine and as stated above it's sold as of yesterday...

I think cali is a bit of a jaunt my man....lol!!!

That rig sounds like what I'm after,there's a nice selection of them around detroit currently for sale so I should be fine..

The gentleman who bought the rig had the exact one and lost everything to a hurricane in Florida including his house,,he finally was reimbursed from the state after the insurance companies went bellie up on him...


Needless to say I was more than happy to get him reacquainted with the jubilee again after such a story...I hope he enjoys it and falls in love all over.

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