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FS Feeler: 1965 Traynor YBA-1

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Excellent condition, original script logo is still intact, works like a charm. No rips or tears in the leatherette. For an amp that is 43 years old it's in stellar condition. It was lost in the vortex of a Church basement in rural Quebec for at least 30 years, but don't hold that against it ;).


Many of the tubes may well be original, but I can't verify that as fact, nobody can as Traynor never had any standards for what they used back then, they used what they had on hand. The company was still in it's infancy back then, and did whatever they had to to build another unit each day. But all tubes are at least from the early 70's, when it was last seen before being rediscovered and sold directly to me, with the exception of one 12AX7 which I had to install to get it working. That's all that was wrong with it when I picked it up last Fall, and likely the reason it was put in the basement in the first place. That in itself has to bump up it's value for it's vintage tubes that don't have a whole lot of use in them.


Can be used as either a guitar or bass amp and it's full of vintage tubey goodness in either role. If you are reading this you already know the amp, but will gladly answer any questions about it as they come.


Not interested in trades at this time. I need to lighten my guitarsenal in preparation for a cross country move, to say nothing about paying for it.

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can you PM me pics?


It's a holiday today, so I am going straight from work to a BBQ then fireworks. It might take me a day because of this, but I will post some pics here soon, I took them the other day, but didn't get a chance to put them up.

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