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Mesa boogie bass 400+, mesa 10 space ata shock case, mesa 1x15 diesel cabinet 1400

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The title pretty much says it all. AWESOME price on professional, well maintained AWESOME gear. I got the 400+ a little over a year ago and I never have to push her past 3 master, 4 volume. That will overpower a triple rec fullstack... no joke.


The 400 + is in great shape. The guy i got it from said he put the sticker on top of the head because it was scratched a little. I never checked. It looked fine. Perfect working order. Never any issues.


10 space case is in good condition. the rear cover has a pouch on the inside to store cables, or anything. Nothing more to say really, its an awesome shockmount system.


The 1x15 mesa cab is LOUD. Original EV driver. Not much more to say. The tolex has seen better days, but of course it doesnt affect the tone.


I'm asking 1400$ firm for all of them. Gotta be local, unless you want to pay an ungodly amount for shipping. I can take paypal. I'm verified, and you must be too.


I'm willing to sell just the head too. Buyer pays 1000+ shipping and applicable paypal fees.











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Im fairly sure its 8 ohm. Not sure. I'll open it up and check. No identifying marks on the exterior of the cab. Maybe there are some reviews for the diesel series cabs that could say for certain?


Most of the 1x15 cabs I've seen are 8 ohms. Do you have a multimeter? If you measure the DC resistance of the cab (i.e. plug in a speaker cable and measure the DC resistance of tip to sleeve), an 8 ohm cab will read around 5-7 ohms, a 4 ohm cab will read around 2-3 ohms, etc.


Would you be willing to sell the cab separately? (and would you be willing to ship it?)

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