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FT/FS: Gallien-Krueger 1001rb-II w/ 4 space SKB Shallow Rack

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so here is the deal, this is my current head and im getting the sound i want, but i might be upping my rig to be something crazy. not too sure yet.


anyways, my reason for wanting to trade is that i am after a v4, svt-classic, sunn coliseum bass, beta bass, beta lead, etc. CONDITION DOES NOT MATTER AS LONG AS IT WORKS. let it be known this head is a 9/10, its lived in a rack all its life, i have the original box, manuals, and receipt to back it up. i also have the original box for the rack. the only problem with it is that the treble pot can be a little crackly at times. the case is not in perfect condition, it has done its share of touring, but is not damaged and still works just as well as the day it was bought. it is one of the shallow rack cases, much more convenient and lightweight. i am posting from my phone, i can do pictures through email.


i am in no hurry to get rid of this. this head is one of, if not the best SS head in modern bass gear, and has never let me down. let me know!


email: ian_geiger@tmail.com



i am very negotiable...just pm me

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