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FS: Ampeg svt 8x10" cab

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Front: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a93/canada2113/Craigslist/DSC04573.jpg

Front minus grille: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a93/canada2113/Craigslist/DSC04574.jpg

Back: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a93/canada2113/Craigslist/DSC04575.jpg


This is a huge freaking cabinet and i really have no use for it anymore. All 8 speakers are in great shape and sounds really flippin loud. The input jac doesnt seem to work at the moment, but i am going to replace it with a 1/4" instead of the xlr thats on there now.

The tolex is a bit torn in parts, but this cab was gigged with on a regular basis before i got it.


For obvious reasons this thing cant be shipped, so heres a google map of the town i live in (south-eastern PA):



Make me an offer, anything reasonable will be considered. Thanks!



I replaced the input plug with a 1/4" i had laying around. Its pretty sweet if i can say so myself:


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$300 sounds good. I'll pm you my email address so we can works out some details.


I found a cable laying around that has a female 1/4" plug on it that has a neato locking catch on it so you cant pull the cable out, if you would like i could install that into the cabinet for you, if not i'll leave the xlr on it. Thats not really a good explanation, so just let me know whats up.

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i live about a hour away and have been looking for a bass rig , interested in any trades?


Im really just looking for money at the moment. Im working on downsizing my rig and using the cash to build a new computer, so any trade with tech stuff might interest me, but im not looking for any new music stuff at the moment. Thanks for asking though :)

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