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1969/1970 "First run" Ampeg SVT feeler

Ray Salamon

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Hey everyone,

Here's a project that I don't currently have time to finish, and right now the money will more come in handy than having a project on the bench.

What we have is a 1969/1970 SVT. It can be verified as one of the first SVTs as it has the tube relay socket, which was dropped after the first run of SVTs.

This thing is showing it's age for a 40 year old amp. The headbox tolex is trashed. Structurally though, it's very sound. I was going to get a replacement from fliptops.net or re-tolex this one (wasn't sure which at the time). It also needs a new grill cloth and back plate to complete the astethics of it. Total a new headbox would be $250, and the backplate is something I have yet to source. Again, these are just the comestic things that you may or may not want to look into. I would have, but that's me.

Now, this amp is currently in a non-functioning state! My plan was to un-do the 6550 mod. I have the eight steps that need taken to do this, but haven't had time to do it. This requires 8 resistors to be changed and some soldering time for moving a few wires. I would guess that any competent tech should have this done in 2 hours at the absolute worst. That should run you probably around $150 or so.

On top of that, there is one more resistor that needs looked at. It tests OK, but has removed itself on one end from the PCB. I'm 99% sure that it can just be resoldered back on. If not, at worst you have another couple of bucks in the resistor and bench time to replace.

Last thing that I have noticed is that one tube socket looks odd, and the power cable will need a new three prong end installed. I haven't had time to investigate the odd tube socket - it's in the preamp, V1.

I have not even put this thing on a variac to test anything. I cannot guarentee that the above is all that is wrong. I honestly do not have time to complete this, and the money would be much better used else where. The person I bought it from sold it to me in a running state that just needed new tubes and a re-bias to get going. I took it all apart to clean thoroghly and noticed the broken resistor. I also had intentions from the start to restore it to factory condition (6146B tubes, new headbox, etc).

I'm basically looking to get out of this what I have into it, which is $1200. Add shipping on to that and it's yours.

It'll come with 10 6146B, NOS RCA power tubes, and a full complement of preamp tubes (some NOS GE, mostly new EH and such).

I can take all sorts of pics if you'd like. Here's a bunch to get you started:


(Click on the Work Day links).


If you don't want the head box because you plan on buying your own, great! That'll cut down on shipping. I can include the original obviously as well.

I'm like jello, and willing to work with ya to get you this. For probably near $1600 you can have a head that would look and function like it just came from Ampeg. On top of that, you could probably turn it back around, throw it on eBay and clear 2K.

E-mail is the best method to get me. PMs here tend to go unnoticed for a couple days at a time :poke:. RJSalamon (at) Hotmail (dot) com.


Sorry, but no trades.

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You have it torn down. What are the pots dated?

Should be something like



Transformers that I can pull EIA codes date to 1969 (rather, a year that ends in "9", and 1979/1989/1999 obviously are incorrect).


I'll have to pull the cover over the pots to date those. I'll do that when I get home this even.

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