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1996 SWR SM-400S (Houston, TX)

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up for sale is my pre-fender SWR SM-400S bass amplifier. the transformer is marked "1996" so I think it's probably safe to say that this is when it was born. I purchased this amp used in 2001 and it has never failed me. I used it at shows and rehearsals in countless configurations and I was never disappointed in its sound. this model does have the internal fan, which fixed a lot of the previous years' SM-400 and SM-400S thermal problems. hard as it's been pushed at times I've never even blown a fuse in it!


there is a little bit of rack rash on the casing, but it is minor and overall the amp is pretty clean inside and out.


I recently replaced the tube with a NOS (7/1983) JAN-Phillips 5751, which serves to reduce the gain a bit and warm up the preamp signal. if you want it I'll throw in the Ruby 12AX7AC4 tube which was in it when I bought the amp. it works fine, just wanted to get a different sound. also included will be a monster 1/4 to banana speaker cable and of course, the power cable.


here's a blurb from SWR's site:


"The SM-400 underwent its first upgrade in 1993 and was renamed the SM-400S. The amplifier's power output was increased to 500 watts (@ 4 Ohms in Bridge/Mono Mode) and some new features were added (Internal Cooling Fan) including features that were previously available only as factory modifications (XLR Pad & Ground Lift, and Transparency Control)."


and here's a link to the owner's manual:







I'll include a used 6-space SKB rack with a full cash offer





if you'd like some higher resolution pictures of the amp or case and/or have any questions please let me know.


I'm asking $500. I'm located in Houston, TX. I'd prefer a local sale but I'm willing to discuss shipping at the buyer's expense.


thanks for looking!









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